When you install CFO for the first time, it will create two new fields called “esponi_priceFormula” and “esponi_priceFormulaActive” in “product” table.
Field “esponi_priceFormula” is created with 1.024 bytes, so you can write formulas with a length as big as 1.024 characters.

As the more bytes you store in each product record forces your database to grow, we thought that 1.024 bytes will be enough for regular formulas.

Need more space?
If your formula needs more than 1.024 and you save the product, the formula will be truncated, and it will give unknown errors because it’s incomplete.
So, if you need more space you can modify the field in products table to make it bigger.

We always recommend to make a backup before you modify any table and if possible, make this changes in maintenance mode.

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