Shows the value of a given variable in the debugger window.
Useful to check result of partial calculations during formula development.
You need to use CFO_ShowDebug function in order to inspect a variable.


CFO_InspectVariable(Variable, [Alias]);

Variable: It’s the variable to inspect, with “$” before the name, classic PHP syntax.
Alias: A string that will shown near the variable value (optional and by default is empty).


// Dummy calculations
$Dummy1 = $A * $B;
$Dummy2 = "This is a random message " . $Dummy1 . " with several variables involved " . $C;

// Inspect those values
CFO_InspectVariable($Dummy1); // Without alias
CFO_InspectVariable($Dummy1, "This is square meters"); // With alias to identify value
CFO_InspectVariable($Dummy2, "This is other inspection");

// Remember also to use this function in order to show the debug

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