• Adding some options

    Go to Catalog > Options and add two sample options as textboxes, lets say “Width” and “Height”.

  • Setting up your sample product

    Add those new options to your desired product and see the assigned {id} to each option.

  • Configuring product price

    Setup a value for “price” in that product, in our sample price field will be assumed as currency per square meters.

  • Writing your sample formula

    Write a simple formula, where Width x Height will calculate square meters for a print.

(Right click on video to fullscreen option)

Our first formula “Hello world!”
Let’s assume that the option “Width” is assigned with option id {13} and “Height” with {14}

$FinalPrice = {13} * {14} * $Price;

Now don’t forget to activate the formula!
When you add a new product or when you install CFO: all products have their formulas deactivated!

Formula Debugger
Take a look when you push “Add to cart” button and see the Formula Debugger.

You can visit this demo in our Demo Store

Formula Editor
CFO will show you a colored Editor which will help you to write and read your formulas, this editor is available in product form when editing a product

And the simplest and pretty absurd formula
You will learn more about $Price and other variables in next step

$FinalPrice = $Price;