Product Sandbox
You and your team will be able to preview, test, change and change again any product before it’s available to customers.

A simple concept, but missing as standard option in OpenCart
Yes, we all do every time: add a product and test, preview, change and test again… hundreds of times before it’s ready to sell.
So, thanks to this extension you and the groups of users you set, will be able to see those products during development, but other users or customers not.
Now your product’s status can be “Enabled”, “Disabled” or in “Sandbox”.

Key Features

Preview Disabled products 😉

Preview Sandboxed products 😉

Preview button in products list

Preview button in product form

New filter in products list to see which one are in sandbox

This tool is for admins

Admins can let other groups of users use it too

Upload to extension installer and go, only one file

Developed by the same team that developed CFO Custom Formulas (5 stars)
Compatible with CFO Custom Formulas, both extensions work together, an essential friend to CFO.

Demo: How to test it
1.- We have added a product with status “Sandbox”, so first step, try to visit this product and see how you can’t, as a normal visitor: Product
2.- Now enter in the backend as user “demo” and password “demo”, we have allowed that user to see products in “Sandbox”.
3.- Try again to visit that Product, now you can see it!